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Haybarn Cottage

Haybarn Cottage

The Haybarn started life as cottages which were constructed in the 16th century. 

The principal structure of the building is circa 1560, as is evident by the joints of the structural carpentry.  The chimney stack is a later addition, and was probably added after 1700, but there is evidence of Tudor brickwork under the sole plate of the building.  During the early 19th century, the Haybarn was occupied by the brothers Bone (carpenters and joiners), and the green at the front was known as "Bones meadow".

It is in memory of the brothers, that the centre is now called "The Bones Lane Antiques Centre" The Haybarn opened as an antiques cantre on September 11th 1969, and has thrived ever since! The structural timbers and the roof remain as they were 400 yrs ago.  On the outside,the masonry in fill between the timbers, was added to strengthen the structure.

The Manor court records reveal the The Haybarn was raided in the late 1700's and the occupants were fined 5 shillings, as Customs had found a quanitity of contraband liquor concealed in a false loft !